Care for your Kidneys- Role of Prevention in Chronic Kidney Disease- Wednesday, March 13, 2013 , New Delhi


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CKD a Silent Killer

The Imprimis roundtable brings key stakeholders from diverse sections of the Indian healthcare industry on a common platform to discuss the kidney disease burden; causes and symptoms; role of pharma companies in medical innovation for Chronic Kidney Disease; laws and regulatory framework related to kidney transplants in India; dilemma of transplant v/s dialysis; making dialysis affordable; new trend of deceased organ donation; and role of health insurance.


Why Roundtable on Kidney Care?



Striking Facts

- Around 25% to 40% of all people with diabetes and heart disease develop chronic kidney disease​

- CKD found to be the
18th deadliest killer as against 27th in 1970- The Global Burden of Disease Study, 2010​

- CKD has been called a ‘hidden epidemic‘

​- In the absence of health insurance plans, <10% of all patients have access to renal transplant therapy

Therefore it is a extremely essential to highlight the significance of kidney care and discuss disease-prevention techniques.


On the occasion of the World Kidney Day, celebrated on 14th March across the world every year— Imprimis Research and Advocacy, a specialist research arm of Imprimis, a multi-disciplinary communications consultancy, is organizing a roundtable on 13th March 2013 in Delhi in association with Sanofi India​, a diversified healthcare company.

The central theme of the roundtable is “Care for your Kidneys – Role of Prevention in Chronic Kidney Disease.”

Drug Today Medical Times is the official media partner for the upcoming event.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a Silent Killer as most people with CKD aren’t even aware they have the disease, as there are few noticeable symptoms. The high incidence of death from kidney failure is also due to shortage of dialysis equipment, the high cost of transplant surgery, and new, stringent government regulations regarding organ donation.

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